How To Protect Your Company Against Cyber Crime By Testing Your Own Infrastructure

How To Protect Your Company Against Cyber Crime By Testing Your Own Infrastructure

As sensitive data becomes more and more virtual, the more cyber security becomes of paramount importance. The recent attack on UK broadband provider TalkTalk has only brought this fact to the forefront of people’s attention. TalkTalk aren’t the only company to have been targeted in such an attack, global companies including Sony, eBay and even AOL have been victims in the past. According to McAfee and Google, around 2,000 cyber-attacks have been estimated to occur around the world on a daily basis, which in the global economy equates to £300bn per annum. This has resulted in two thirds of companies feeling ‘inadequately protected’ against cyber criminals, according to the BBC. So what can you, as an IT reseller, do to make sure that your clients have sufficient cyber protection for your business?

Installing The Right Firewalls

Firewalls are one of the first lines of defence that cyber criminals will encounter when attacking a business’ network infrastructure. It stands to reason that they should be able to withstand a potential attack. If the firewall is not up to a high standard, businesses could be at serious risk of being breached, therefore, having your business’ firewall assessed is a key element to having an effective cyber security strategy. During an assessment of your company’s firewall, Marathon does a line by line check of the firewall’s configuration to the IT industry’s best practice standard and vendor-specific guidelines. As firewalls become more sophisticated, so do cyber criminals. Cyber criminals are always evolving and finding new ways to infiltrate companies’ infrastructures. Marathon have a range of services included in their firewall assessment.

Pass You Own Test

When it comes to cyber security, you don’t want to wait for something to go wrong to find out if your protection measures don’t work. Continuously testing your own firewalls is a great way to ensure that your cyber security measures are up to the best standard possible. A full service penetration test includes ethical and authorised external attempts at breaching your company’s computer systems, which shows you where your infrastructure is weak and highlight where you need to improve your business’ cyber security. The trained professional carrying out the test will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, as sensitive pieces of information about your business, such as the IP address and specific details of your current firewall infrastructure will be required. The best course of action would be to have a trusted outside party, such as Marathon Professional Services, take on these responsibilities as you are guaranteed a nonbiased result.

If you’re looking for a company that you can trust with making sure your company’s cyber security is up to standard, Marathon offer all these services and more as a white label service provider. Contact us on 02083291000 or email

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