Have you considered utilising a white label help desk to give your customers greater support?

A white label help desk is an outsourced solution that provides a help desk experience to your customers. If your customers require 24/7 support, a white label help desk is a great way for you to demonstrate better customer relationship all while adding value and leads to your business.

Greater support availability

We’ve found that most companies struggle to find the in-house resources to deal with a high volume of support enquiries, due to engineers being both busy and expensive to employ in large quantities just to answer the phone, especially when their skills could be better utilised elsewhere. And yet, the expertise required to answer technical enquiries supersedes that of a receptionist. A white label help desk enables you to provide greater levels of support to your clients 24/7.

Positive brand impression

Utilising a white label help desk service delivers on high levels of technical support over the phone, as an extension of your company that greatly enhances your brand. Meaning you can offer technical advice, and refer your customers just as your company would, creating an overall positive brand impression.

Help with a range of issues

When you rely on trained engineers, helps your customers receive tailored help desk service that cover a wider range of specialisms.

If you are interested in outsourcing your help desk services to provide your customers with greater support and better relationships, give Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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