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Have you considered outsourcing to fill your skills gap over the holiday season?

Priority management is a large element of delivering client projects and IT requirements. When you’re delivering a number of projects simultaneously, this puts a strain on your resources. There may be times when you’re not even sure how you’re going to complete a project because you may have staff on leave, or a sudden surge of incoming work for your clients. This is particularly common over the holiday season when you may have a higher proportion of staff than usual away on annual leave.

Are you experiencing a skills gap?

Whether it’s specific skills and knowledge that you require, or you’re low on staff due to sickness or holidays, it can be tricky to keep up with increasing customer demands. Your customers will expect efficient project completion and a high quality of work, which will be difficult when you’re experiencing a skills gap. In an ever-evolving industry, certain areas of expertise may be difficult to source, so there is likely to be gaps even within the most qualified and experienced IT team. In these circumstances, here are some reasons to consider outsourcing to fill your skills gap.

Improved client relationships

IT solutions providers can offer extra staff members when your team is stretched. This means that any installations, migrations or other projects can be completed efficiently and within a set period of time, which can improve your customer relationships. Your reputation will be strengthened as your outsourced provider will work on a white-label basis to deliver the highest possible standard of service to your customers.

Reduced downtime for your customers

Partnering with an IT provider can also reduce downtime and increase performance for your customers. Their insight and experience of building and maintaining networks means that they are able to monitor your clients’ networks to deal with issues on your behalf. They can even carry out migrations to virtualised environments and implement backup systems as an extension of your business. Because Marathon’s team of engineers are both IASME Cyber Security and Cyber Essentials Accredited, you will be protected against any legal ramifications, and can trust that they are adhering to all UK legislation.

Choosing an outsourced provider

Choosing the right provider will mean that they are qualified to undertake work on your behalf whilst giving you peace of mind that they will deliver a service that benefits your customers as well as maintains your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy IT provider.

If you find you have a skills gap over the holiday season, or need extra resource for a client project, get in touch with Marathon today on 020 8329 1000.

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