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Don’t let client infrastructure get in the way of IT security

The importance of having a secure and compliant IT infrastructure is becoming more and more clear. IT providers must provide their clients with highly available systems that offer functionality, efficiency and complete security. Whilst incorporating security measures, there are many elements that you need to consider to provide your clients with the best IT infrastructure.

Increasing storage capacity and growth

Many options that offer a greater and increased capacity can compromise on security; however this isn’t necessary and is completely avoidable. Hybrid cloud solutions can offer both high security levels plus the capacity for growth and scalability within your clients’ businesses. This will give your customers the opportunity for growth within a successful system, whilst ensuring complete protection of their data.

System maintenance and updating security

It’s vital to keep your clients’ infrastructure up to date, but at times where you don’t have the capacity to carry out regular maintenance, Marathon’s engineers can act as an extension of your team on a white labelled basis to deliver your services. It is vital to carry out routine updates and maintenance to guarantee the efficiency of their systems and avoid problems such as the risk of security breaches.

Other factors to consider about infrastructure design

Setting up in-house security is another important factor to maintaining a fully secure network. Simple techniques such as setting passwords for individual users, and encouraging staff training can make a huge difference. Designating responsibility for particular processes or data can help to fulfil compliance requirements, and ensure secure handling of data. Proactive monitoring and regular preventative updates can ensure that your clients’ systems are up to date.

Compliance is important

Compliance is essential to adhere to UK law regarding data protection, and breaching these laws can have severe implications on your business reputation, client relationships and financial situation. To ensure day-to-day security and good data, management, their infrastructure must be maintained and promote efficiency.

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