Migration to cloud

Could your customers benefit from migrating their systems into the cloud?

Migrating IT infrastructure into the cloud is becoming increasingly common practice within businesses looking to store and manage their data more effectively. A virtual infrastructure can redefine the way that a business works and improve it in many ways including the following:

Increased data protection, compliance and security

One largely beneficial outcome of migrating your clients’ IT infrastructure to virtual solutions is the ability to increase security and data protection levels to an acceptable compliant standard. This can help your clients to comply with UK legislation as well as protect their customers’ data from any unauthorised access. Data protection improved by virtualisation builds customer trust and brand integrity for your clients, helping their business over time.

Greater working flexibility

Migrating your customers to a virtual environment can also give them greater productivity in-house and working away from the office. This is because the same information that is used in the office is also accessible from any other location with an internet connection through a virtual machine on any staff member’s laptop or mobile device where they have access details. Due to this, overall business critical processes can be completed more efficiently across different locations, with staff members able to work together.

Reliability and disaster recovery for your clients

Preparation for unexpected events is vital for businesses, and setting your customers’ infrastructure up in a way that enhances this will reduce any possible downtime and negative effects on their business. The benefit of a virtual environment is that the servers are not affected by any physical hardware damage on-site, or to staff laptops, and all information is stored off-site securely and is backed up. Your customers can enjoy a reliable system that aids them in the event of a disaster.

Cost-effective to maintain

As businesses grow, their need for storage grows too. Virtualisation allows you to expand your customers’ storage without incurring significant hardware costs and losing of space with the growing number of servers required. The efficiency and disaster recovery planning that come with virtual solutions mean that money can be saved in the event of a disaster, as well as through day-to-day operations being completed more quickly.

Time and expertise

It can take time to carry out a complete migration into the cloud for your customers. When you’re busy with other projects and don’t have the resources available, Marathon can step in as an extension of your team. Our engineers will manage and complete projects for your customers on a white-labelled basis so that you can give them the best virtual infrastructure.

Take a look at our available services or give us a call today on 020 8329 1000 to discuss your project with one of our team.

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