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Could you benefit from using a white label help desk service?

Do your customers often require support throughout the day? As an IT provider, you will want your customers to be able to access the best support at all times, but there are a number of issues with providing a phone number to call. Here are some of the ways that using a white label help desk service can benefit your customer interactions and business productivity:

Prioritising Time

It’s not always easy for customers to explain the issues that they’re having in an email format, and providing your customers with a number to call gives them a greater assurance that you are there and ready to help with their queries as soon as possible. However, when your staff numbers are limited, having a customer calling in the middle of another project can be disruptive – particularly when the issue isn’t one that needs solving immediately. This is where you can benefit from using a white label help desk service, since there will always be a qualified engineer at the end of the line ready to help answer questions from your customers, and take the details of other problems that may need more attention.

Qualified technical support

A white label help desk service will guarantee that your customers will always be able to speak to a qualified engineer, instead of just someone taking a message to pass on. This makes your customer feel important and valued, whilst also filtering out issues that don’t need to be escalated further and therefore cutting down on response and resolution times.

Streamlined support process

A white label help desk service can help to streamline your customer support process. Value added resellers using this service can allow their in-house staff to work more efficiently and focus on their core skills, instead of dealing with telephone enquiries. The help desk can take care of a number of issues and tasks, including setting up mailboxes, logging tickets, monitoring and patching services, application support.

Improving customer relationships

Marathon’s white label help desk service allows us to act as the first line of support to your customers. We are readily available to solve issues and answer questions, to help you to make the best use of your own resources and maintain productivity during the day without disruptions. We work on a white label basis as an extension of your team, so using our white label service will also improve your customer relations by demonstrating your availability and willingness to help at all times.

For more information about using a white label help desk to support your business, get in touch with Marathon Professional Services today on 020 8329 1000.

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