Cyber Essentials Certification

Could you benefit from becoming Cyber Essentials Certified?

It’s quickly becoming the norm for IT resellers to become certified in different specialist areas. Cyber Essentials is just one accreditation that IT resellers can now achieve – but what is it and how could you benefit from becoming Cyber Essentials Certified?

The purpose of Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government certified accreditation that enables businesses to learn how to protect themselves or their customers against 80% of cyber threats. Throughout the certification process, they are required to put in place different security measures within their IT infrastructure and work place, and proving these high security levels by completing a full questionnaire online. This is then assessed by Cyber Essentials to test and prove the claims being made and the measures in place.

Why IT resellers benefit from becoming Cyber Essentials Certified

A growing number of IT resellers are now Cyber Essentials certified, or looking into the process. Having this accreditation makes you more credible whilst giving your customers an assurance that you will provide sufficiently high levels of cyber security when completing a project, setup or ongoing management of their IT infrastructure.

Varying security requirements

All of your clients will have different security requirements, and every IT reseller will have a variety of requirements in-house too. Taking a bespoke approach to your clients’ IT network security and their internal infrastructure, can help to meet their exact needs and address any particular risks that they may face.

Legal requirements for data protection

Every company has a legal requirement to meet certain data protection standards within the UK. They are held responsible for customer and internal data and keeping this confidential. Failure to do so, or to have suitable practices in place, can lead to significant legal implications including financial penalties, and ongoing damage the brand name and customer relationships.

Marathon helps IT resellers and customers

Marathon is a certified Cyber Essentials accreditor, which means we can guide all of our customers through the process of becoming Cyber Essentials certified, as well as advising them about the security measures they should have in place. Marathon also make recommendations in accordance with ISO 270001, to implement greater data control and limit access to confidential information.

Whether you’re and IT reseller or a small business, find out more about becoming Cyber Essentials Certified by giving Marathon a call today on 0208 329 1000.

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