Could you benefit from an ongoing support contract to meet varying customer requirements?

It’s a constant challenge for any business to balance the need to meet changing customer requirements with the necessity of cost effective processes and management. However, gone are the days when the only option was to set up an internal team, with all the administration and financial commitment that creates. Today, if you’re looking to provide exceptional customer support then there are many more options than only employing your own internal staff.

The benefits of an ongoing customer support contract

Customer support and service might be a crucial part of a business but that doesn’t mean it can’t be effectively managed by an expert third party provider like Marathon. Customer support contracts are increasingly viewed as the best option for businesses looking to expand in an agile way, building client base via cost effective means. Support contracts can cover a wide range of different features, from a service desk and remote management and monitoring, through to email continuity, online back up and penetration testing. So, what are the major benefits of opting for a customer support contract for your business?

Freeing core staff up to add value

Customer support contracts have the major benefit that they take care of the customer support element of the business, freeing up your client IT resources to focus on more value adding tasks and key priorities.

Improving customer support

Thriving client relationships require effective customer support but the simple fact is that many businesses find this hard to deliver on any meaningful level. Customer support contracts distill the most effective elements of what it means to provide this kind of genuine engagement and package them up for white label use. The result is that it’s possible to establish close client relationships that will last well into the future and which will establish a perception as a true value partner.

Separating out key functions

When staff have to double up on functions they can often become less effective at everything. Customer support contracts help to ensure that key staff remain focused – channel sales people can focus on selling, for example, without being distracted by dealing with customer technical issues.

Taking care of the details

There are many ways that customer support contracts can help to add value to your clients’ experience of what you do. For example, management of software cloud services renewals, which may previously have been yet another item on a to do list, can be included in the support contracts you provide. Plus, clients will have the peace of mind of knowing that they are being provided with genuine support that can be easily accessed as and when required.

Flexible options

As your business grows, customer support contracts can grow with you, ensuring that you’re always able to maintain those key relationships throughout their lifespan.

Customer support contracts are a simple and scalable way to add clarity, value and cement those all-important relationships. Contact Marathon today to find out more about how your business could benefit from an ongoing support contract on 020 8329 1000.

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