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5 reasons to outsource your 24/7 customer support

Poor customer service and support levels are major pain points for customers, which can lead to the end of client relationships or reputation damage for your business. Another frustration for your customers is being kept waiting a long time on hold, then the available engineer not having the information required. Outsourcing your customer support can mean giving your clients access to 24/7 support services. Here are 5 reasons to outsource your customer support in 2017:

#1 Guaranteed industry expertise

It is essential to be able to give your customers sufficient support 24/7. Limitations in-house and costs can make it difficult to offer this level of service, and can leave your customers without the support that they need. Some urgent fixes may require fast action in order to prevent downtime and a gap in service provision to their customers. What’s more is that customers will not have frustratingly long waiting times on the phone using a specialised outsourced help desk service, since engineers will be guaranteed to answer and offer industry expertise to solve many issues over the phone. They can also pass important information back to your company if required, for larger problems that require on-site visits.

#2 Greater working efficiency and management

If you are able to offer a 24/7 customer support line, this can filter out less urgent problems and help to sift through and sort smaller problems that could be solved through giving instructions during the call. This means that you can prioritise your in-house skills and free up your engineers to work on-site instead of answering phone calls, and avoiding having to waste time sorting simple issues that could be solved using your customer support line.

#3 Flexibility for multiple locations

Businesses that have an international customer base can benefit from outsourcing their customer support since their customers span across different time zones. With headquarters or a base in the UK or another country, this can make support hours difficult when dealt with in-house. Outsourced providers can often offer more flexible services, such as 24/7 support regardless of the country of support. This means that support is available at a convenient time for all customers at all times.

#4 Faster response times and RTOs

For IT companies, there will be times where resources and staff are stretched to meet the level of services that their customers require. When unexpected issues occur at the same time, your company is still expected to meet agreed SLAs and response times to ensure the return to operation of your customers’ IT infrastructure as quickly as possible. Choosing to outsource your customer support can eliminate the simple issues immediately without having to be passed on to your own engineers, since the engineers taking the call can instruct your clients accordingly. This means that your team are available to deal with major issues more quickly too, as well as providing great customer satisfaction for those who have called needing assistance.

#5 Cost reductions

Often the cost of outsourcing your 24/7 customer support will be lower than dealing with all enquiries in house. It eliminates the requirement to take on more, experienced staff to take calls and deal with them, despite being more useful on-site or working remotely on clients’ IT infrastructures. Because resources are shared, there is no need to spend money on phone lines and equipment as this is all taken care of, and the whole setup is much more cost efficient since engineers taking the calls are also taking other calls, so costs can be lowered for each client using these services.

White label customer support services

Marathon are proud to offer a 24/7 help desk service on a white label basis to our clients. This means that your customers are dealt with as instructed by you, to ensure that services are provided to be consistent with your business. They do not need to know that the service is being outsourced, as we work under your brand and company as an extension of your team.

Find out more about our white label customer support services by giving us a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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