3 ways you could improve your clients’ customer services through data management

Every business processes different data on a daily basis, whether this is internal or customer data, and how you manage this data can have a direct correlation on your customer services. This is because your clients can utilise their data effectively for marketing and answering customer enquiries, but what does this look like in terms of actual data management?

#1 Keep up to date customer records

Data collection about customers is important for your clients’ marketing strategy, but ensuring that their records are up to date is equally as important. For data protection reasons, companies must make sure that they remove information that is no longer necessary or relevant, and only contact willing customers. In fact, when the GDPR comes into action, organisations will be required to ask all of their current contacts to opt in to continue to receive contact from their company, otherwise they must delete their records. Keeping on top of your data records can improve your clients’ customer services by making contact only with those who are interested, and being able to offer relevant information or advice.

#2 Greater security and customer satisfaction

As we’ve already mentioned, security is a growing necessity for all businesses, who are required by law to protect customer data at all times. This prevents legal action being taken against them and their customers can rest assured that their data is going to be kept completely confidential. Your clients’ customer services should also be based around this secure data management - and enquiries should be dealt with in a secure way that only provides access to customer data to the necessary personnel. AS their IT provider, it is your role to provide them with a CRM system that combines all of this information into one single place, but restricts access where required at different levels.

#3 Easy access to data = faster response times

If your customers can manage their data centrally, their marketing and sales team can respond quickly to customer enquiries. This is because the correct data can be found within their CRM, including previous notes or issues solved, which helps them to provide the best possible level of customer service. This is because advice will be specific and all customer services representatives will be acting from an informed perspective, and it means that they can get in touch straight away.

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