3 ways to improve business performance as an IT manager

As an IT manager or provider in general, it’s vital that you are up to date with the latest technology and its reliability to support your clients in their business. Over the past 5 years, there has been a number of technologies that IT managers have begun to rely upon and recommend to customers. These include three components that are growing in popularity:

Hyper-converged structures for simplicity

Every business will have a slightly different IT infrastructure, with a number of core and additional components working together. Every modern infrastructure should take into account factors such as security, uptime and resilience, and how these can be maintained as a business scales up.

Hyperconvergence simplifies the process of managing different layers of the infrastructure stack by enabling one single engineer to monitor and manage the infrastructure easily. This means that the stack runs as a dynamic environment that can be delivered either on premise or through the Cloud. Hyperconvergence gives ultimate control over the data centre.

The evolution of the Virtual Desktop

Licensing and infrastructure cost can hold back IT providers from implementing VDI solutions, however the benefits of VDIs far outweigh the capabilities of desktop computing. There are a growing number of VDI solutions that are cost-effective and can provide unparalleled service levels to customers that exceed their requirements. The new style of virtual desktops makes it possible to deliver simplified and faster management of systems, as well as making maintenance much easier. Scaling up is easier as different elements can be “cloned” without having to build the desktop to have those specific requirements.

Backing up and high levels of availability

The other key to ensuring business performance is to secure in place an enterprise disaster recovery (DR) and backup solution. This is of primary importance to ensure that data that your customers have is always protected and available should a disaster occur which causes hardware damage or an attempted data breach.

High availability replication isn’t always necessary for every application, but it is the most preferred and highly recommended backup method. Traditional backup methods are unable to offer the same availability or automated DR testing, which can be implemented with an enterprise solution.

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