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3 ways that Cloud computing enables remote working

Cloud computing, along with mobile technology, provides your customers’ employees the ability to work from any location that has internet access, via a virtual desktop or remote infrastructure. Some employers are reluctant to move towards remote working; however others are following the trend in offering flexible working hours to their employees as an incentive – which can also be cost-effective. Encouraging your clients to implement cloud computing within their IT infrastructure could enable them to enjoy the benefits of remote working and much more.

Cloud computing provides flexibility

Cloud technology is what enables employees to work from any location, giving them access via a virtual environment to the same information that they’d have access to from the office. Collaboration and communication tools ensure that your customers’ employees can use the latest techniques and complete work at the same level as they would be able to from their office desktop.

Employees can access documents and data that they need by using specific credentials to maintain security at the same time as giving them flexibility to work from home or any other location. This can be useful when your customers have multiple office locations, such as if they have a primary central office and smaller remote offices from additional locations. Cloud technology provides a greater level of flexibility and shared access to information centrally accessible via a single server.

Increasing security for remote working

Despite concerns your customers might have about security, cloud computing can actually work towards increasing their overall security levels as a business. Security measures can be put in place, such as user-specific passwords and encryption of files when there are attempts to open these by unauthorised users. Additional security measures can be implemented in the event of mobile devices or laptops being lost or stolen to prevent a security breach, so your customers need not worry about cloud computing compromising high levels of security in favour of remote working capabilities.

Scalability for growing businesses – in the office and remotely

Cloud computing also enables your customers to accommodate a large increase in a remote workforce very quickly, since employees can use their own mobile devices and laptops without incurring additional hardware costs. They can also access internal information via the cloud wherever they choose to work, and on any device. As long as each user is provided with access details, new employees can easily be granted access to all of the information that they will need, without them ever having to visit the office at all. This is ideal when there is restricted physical office space to scale up, and there is no restriction on the number of remote workers.

Cloud computing and the future

Cloud computing can offer a greater level of flexibility, security and scalability to your clients by enabling remote working. Marathon offer white-label cloud setup and maintenance services, to fill any skills gap that you might have and support your clients, providing specialist cloud support and advice on an ongoing basis if required. Find out more about the Cloud for your customers by getting in touch with Marathon today on 020 8329 1000.

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