Disaster Recovery Planning

How disaster recovery planning could save your clients from unexpected downtime

There is no doubt that you’ll have heard about the Holborn fire at the beginning of last month. This unexpected disaster, caused by an electrical fault underground, caused a huge amount of disruption to the area. This included 5,000 people being evacuated as well as loss of broadband services and power for 3,000 homes. It took firefighters around 36 hours to control the flames, however many businesses were affected for weeks after the disaster occurred.  Businesses like these struggle to return to their day-to-day business after an event like this due to unexpected downtime.

Windows Server 2003

It’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to Microsoft Windows Server 2003

But do you really have to migrate your customers’ data on to Windows 2012 R2?

I’m sure you will have heard that Microsoft Windows 2003 is ending its life on 14th July 2015. Amidst the usual security hype, many IT resellers are left wondering what this change really means for their customers.

Do client applications that have been running without fault on Windows Server 2003 really need to be migrated? Should IT vendors be encouraging their customers to move to a Windows 2012 R2 environment?

Virtualisation and servers

Supporting your clients with their move to virtualisation

Every business requires efficiency and the ability to work productively. Advising your clients to move to a virtual desktop environment could have a significant impact on their business. Are you holding off due to lack of time and resources to implement such a huge change, but want to give the best support that you can to their business? Why not outsource your virtualisation work to our engineers to complete the project and free up your time to continue supporting your other customers.


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