Fed-up with public sector tendering?

Could you be selling to Public Sector on G-Cloud?

With G-Cloud 11 applications now open, we thought it would be a good opportunity to delve a bit deeper into this, often mis-understood, area of the market for UK resellers.  Even for those with years of experience, the Government Framework has seen some interesting developments over the last couple of years - Are we really maximising the opportunity to sell in the Digital Marketplace?

Digital Adoption challenge

The Digital Adoption Challenge

Take a quick look around.  How many digital platforms do you use in your business today?  Checking your website, logging into email and CRM, referring to an internal knowledge base, seeing what colleagues are saying on Slack, requesting time off on an HR platform – keeping track of each system and utilising it to its full potential, can be confusing.  How do you think your customers cope?

Is your Business a Loyalty Magnet?

It’s not surprising the concept of customer retention has got business owners tied up in knots. We found out a few years ago that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it costs to retain an existing one.  This means it’s likely to be far more lucrative for your business to invest in customer service than it is your sales team.  With this in mind, is it time to look again at the post-sales service you offer your key customers?


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