3 signs that your customer needs better Security

Does the technology and means for managing security risk meet the pace and speed, of ever-changing threats faced by your customers? More importantly…How would you know? Here are three ways to tell if your customer is unprepared… and how to help them.

Is it time for a Professional Services MOT?

In addition to the jokes about our choice of Christmas hats, the points raised in our article "And that was 2018!", have sparked some interesting comments this week.  The underlying theme really focused on what resellers can do to improve margin, or build more business around Professional Services in the next 12 months – so we thought you might appreciate a summary of the key points raised. 

And that was 2018!

I know!  The realisation that we are drawing close to the end of another year always comes as a big surprise to many of us.  Although, if you take a second to look back and review where all that time went, you would hopefully see at least some highlights and achievements to celebrate. 


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