Breach! What happens next?

Breach! What happens next?

Your customer identifies a breach. What’s the worst that can happen?  Well that often depends on the size of their business, the management team and their approach to Security.  Saying that, customers who go through the pain of a security incident, actually share a number of milestones in common.  Let’s take a look at some of the main ones and what resellers can do to mitigate some of the issues.

The 30bn Boardroom Challenge

The $30bn Boardroom Security Challenge

The most worrying news about such a large amount of money being lost by UK business as a result of cyber crime, is that it’s not received much wider coverage.  Maybe the extent of bad coverage has de-sensitised our customers to a point where this is just to be expected! 

The Marathon team took a look behind the headlines, and the research from Grant Thornton points squarely towards the role that executives can play in ensuring that an effective cyber strategy is in place.  

Cyber Threat Simulation workshop

Marathon Service switches on SME’s to Security

Despite an increasing effort by the Government to sell it, SME’s continue to lag behind in their understanding and approach to Security.  Government backed research has already shown us that 29% of customers who experience an attack during 2019, plan to do nothing in response. Can the reseller channel use some of the latest tools and content, to switch-on these customers to a more secure business?


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